Friday, October 26, 2012

20 Creative And Modern Kitchen Stools

We spotlight 20 amazing stool designs for the kitchen and dining areas of your home. Wood, metal, acrylic and plastic are the materials of choice, and we’ve got plenty of models to pique your interest. One thing they have in common: contemporary flair. But don’t think these stools are all ultra-modern. There’s plenty of vintage and rustic charm if you’re searching for something with a worn-in feel. And don’t forget those industrial pieces that bring a warehouse vibe to your space. A myriad of styles awaits you!

Wooden Barstools Wooden barstools can bring a warm glow to a space, and they look extra chic when painted or topped off with a stylish finish. We begin with a pair of Felix Barstools, which exude retro style. A low back provides support without being overly structured. Chrome-plated legs add shine.

Metal Barstools. Metal barstools are often designed with a sense of mechanized grace or retro style. Take the Turner Barstools, which twist high or low to meet the desired height. Crafted of sheet and tubular metal, these pieces have an oxidized black iron finish.
Acrylic and Plastic Barstools. Acrylic stools are oh so sleek. Because you can see right through them, clear acrylic pieces give the illusion of added space. The Vapor Barstools in the next image are perfect for surrounding a small table. They also shine under modern pendant lighting, as shown below!


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