Monday, October 29, 2012

20 of the Worlds Sleekest and Most Luxurious Kitchens

1.The Curvaceous Lined Kitchen. Elegant white walls, flooring and cabinetry are only the beginning. The long row of cabinetry is a dream for storage buffs and is the only traditional approach to this kitchen. The room is kept grounded amidst the white abstract table surrounded by black cushioned white pedestal futuristic chairs. A similar shape can be found in the glass barrier floating staircase that creates a subtle s shape to the second floor Large round recessed lights make the round window frames a unique pattern approach for partial dropped ceiling and wall. This wall also features a large colorful print that helps ease the eclectic collection of décor displayed upon the cabinets right at home.

2.The Pro’s Kitchen. The granite countertops, oversized stainless steel and white gloss appliances, wide open floor plan and Oblong Island is a blossoming chefs dream kitchen. Not only will your friends and family all fit in during the Holidays, if ever the mood to film your cooking prowess strikes a camera crew will easily fit in on some solid Grey Oak flooring. The backdrop of a round maroon granite table and beige chairs will be a great place to kick back and relax as music is brought to life on the white baby grand and dinner is served at 7 pm sharp with the guests selection of wine from a state of the art built in wine cooler.
3.The Fourteenth Room Kitchen. This Somerset home featuring 13 bedrooms brings it all together with a neutral hued red infused kitchen that come breakfast, lunch, supper and all hours in between will invite conversation under the hanging woven pendant lights. Many of the historic elements of this kitchen have been repurposed to allow for modern appliances but have not been taken away. The fireplace and “pizza oven” have been repurposed for cooking and storage. A long stretch of treated wood surface counter top and work space blends well with the other natural elements in the room such as the bold island and sink. This space wants me to break out in dance as the pasta cooks, and maybe involve the children in musical chairs around the red dining seating arrangement.
4.The Entertaining Kitchen. The smooth surfaces, streamlined cabinets and appliances and island bar in chrome, black and white make this kitchen the perfect center for having late night parties. Few kitchens are appropriate for hosting a dinner party amidst the cooking utensils but the attached living room with it’s similar color pattern creates seamless flow and consistency perfect for spreading out on the glossy white tiles that bounce the moon light streaming in from the picture windows. Cocktail parties here we come!
5.The City Farmhouse Kitchen. An enduring and forgiving wooden floor is the perfect foundation for this beautiful farmhouse inspired kitchen. Pale grey/mint bottom cabinets with their polished chrome cup handles feature many storage solutions with multiple sized drawers and cabinets. The long rectangular island is a definite bonus and makes the open wall space concept possible. The row of pendant lights highlight the center of the room while the spotlights on the wall offer semblance and illuminate the slabs of smooth countertop.
6.The Showroom Kitchen. It’s refined amidst the rustic exposed beams from the second story. Step up and into this simple but utilitarian kitchen. The grey rectangular tiling with white grout leads up to one long, line of kitchen cabinetry. Wall to wall is a drawer cabinetry system in white whose surface hides the dishwasher and frames a superior stainless steel oven range. Spacious top hinged, frosted glass cabinets pull the wall together and frame the stainless steel industrial hood and vent system. A big whole in the wall, this kitchen is a unique approach to cooking and contemporary living in an old stone house.
7.The Birds Eye View Kitchen. The horseshoe shaped island can be best appreciated from a higher vantage point. Working in this space is a charm as your workspace enables all your tools to be within reach and literally allows everyone to gather ‘round. Wooden floors and lower cabinets are a great natural element to compliment the large windows that take exception to upper cabinets and allow for a beautiful sun infused backdrop. A doublewide stainless steel industrial oven topped with a multiple gas range and griddle will be able to fuel enough power to cook enough food for all the guests who will beg to be invited over to grace the contradicting yet powerful kitchen atmosphere.
8.The Archway to Success Kitchen. Standing in the dining room you’ll get an eyeful under the tall impressive archway that leads to a basic but impressionable kitchen. Revamping the 19th century kitchen with black granite countertop, oak flooring and a solid red island that is a completely different style to the pine fronted cabinetry but lends the room a wow factor. A simple pot rack-shelving unit takes precedence over traditional upper cabinetry as well as a corner shelf for basic ingredients to kitchen life. The intricate crown molding offers a visual architectural element in addition to the archway.
9.The Woodworkers Kitchen. Even the brick fireplace features a wooden mantle. Exposed criss-crossed beams make a beautiful ceiling, upper, lower and island cabinetry stained lightly with intricate scrollwork blends in the wood plank flooring. The deep granite countertop is essential to hands on baking and cooking and offers plenty of space to spread out to work. Come those cold winter evenings I foresee this fully equipped kitchen as a wholesome gathering at the end of long workday.
10.The Full and Compact Kitchen Black bottom cabinets topped with the delicious icing of off white countertop meet up with a floor to ceiling black cabinetry that frames stainless steel refrigerator, and double stacked ovens. Complimenting this sophisticated kitchen is zebra wood island and oval bar. The eyes gravitate towards this small but impressive space with its high stools and stainless steel glass ventilation light fixture hovering above the island range. Large tiled flooring to match the countertop and your compact space comes to life in elegant brilliance.
11.The His and Hers Kitchen. Ready. Set. Start cooking! This Florida home understands the universal need for men and women to have their own workspaces. This kitchen features raised panel cabinetry from floor to ceiling. An island, breakfast nook, and additional workspaces all feature this elegant wood faced cabinetry that compliments the marble-esque diamond flooring. Recessed, cabinet and chandelier lighting illuminate this decadent cooking area and create a very welcoming ambiance despite the two separate and competitive areas.
12.The Modern Everything Goes Kitchen. There are a few basic designs when it comes to kitchens. L shaped, Two Way Galley, Single Galley, U Shaped, and L Shaped with Island. This modern white, black, chrome and golden hued kitchen features a strong L Shaped with Island as well as single Galley shape. The combination and integration of several shapes gives plenty of room for multiple appliances enough storage space to store your six-month stockpile. See your reflection is the rounded island countertop, and the polished stainless steel fridge and breathe in the scent of newness and great modern living.
13.The Romantic Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen. This medieval set home has an amazing exposed beam kitchen with low lighting coming from lantern inspired wall sconces. Shadows from outdoors dance on dry stone flooring and catches the wicker stools, pale wood cabinets and island. The feeling of being outdoors exists even while bent over the restaurant grade oven and range makes this kitchen a perfect getaway from a mundane calendar. Attached is a fireplace enhanced dining room. Take a seat and bask in the sun light as your hands wrap tightly around a hot steaming cup of coffee. Bliss.
14.The Advance Apartment Kitchen. Imagine your first contemporary high-end apartment and multiply its floor plan by ten. This chocolate onyx nearly edible backsplash kitchen is the definition of luxury. Not only does it feature a great view of the city, but also while cooking and entertaining the stone elements, waterfall island and flat sleek cabinets are a view that walking into every morning will make your heart flutter with appreciation. The soft colors of grey, pale blue, white and eggshell tone done the dark appliances and structure of the kitchen creating a complimentary visage in design; this lulls you in sense of luxurious security.
15.The Never Grow Up Kitchen. What do you do when your neighbors A-frame roof is included in your spectacular kitchen view? You give color and funky design indoors to keep the eyes busy. The island-oriented shape in this kitchen connects living space to cooking space which will go a long ways to keep conversation lively amidst the retro furniture and integration of color and shape via wall ornamentation and barstool seating. Although the design is kept to a minimal the color and multiple materials and textures give the impression of a fuller and more dynamic space.
16.The Impress The In-Laws Kitchen. Despite the spacious L-shaped Island combination shaped kitchen it’s the attached dining room arrangement that makes this area such a success. The implementation of natural wood cabinetry in modern style blends well with the contrasting white cabinets in similar fashion. The upholstered metallic hued hourglass backed chairs offer color and shape and pick up a hint of the large tiled white washed grey flooring. This is one of those rare kitchens that even while food is simmering on the stove and your chopping vegetables you want your guests to come in. To sip wine as they pull out a chair or lean against the counters and make small talk as you await dinner bell to ring.
17.The Back to The Future Kitchen. curved creamy cabinets, neon lights, glass surfaces, chrome and gold fixtures, this kitchen hosts a bit of the old jukebox charm in a very futuristic way. The acrylic stools are a perfect example of this future forward space. An array of beige tones is the perfect backdrop for the black countertops and bring this kitchen down to earth keeping it grounded amongst the floorboard and ceiling lights that run the circumference of the room.
18.The Roaring Era Kitchen. From the twenties to late fifties, a kitchen wasn’t complete unless it included red, black and white elements. This black and white tiled flooring with its deep red walls reincarnated this fantastic era of design. Traditional bottom cabinetry with black countertop is accentuated by the backdrop of an exposed stonewall. This natural element is a priceless facet to this very American room with its breakfast bar/island. All in all the conceptualizing of traditional and modern is a huge success as far as livable and breathtaking kitchens go.
19.The Flavorful Bite of France Kitchen. This panoramic windowed kitchen, which offers an exceptional outdoor backdrop called the Alpines, is equally beautiful indoors. The subtle rounded arched and exposed beam ceiling is only the beginning. A mosaic tile encapsulates an original working kitchen fireplace softened by a high vaulted mantle. Deep oak cabinetry and modern appliances blend together making this rustic villa an enticing place to sit under a decadent bronze framed, glass globe chandelier.
20.The Primary Kitchen. This is a one of kind luxury kitchen. From its hand painted tile flooring in reds and blues depicting simple, antique artwork, to the glossy cherry red countertops with deep sinks that sit proudly on pearly white woodwork. Twin range and oven with a blue and white Dutch designed tile backsplash is a great contrast when soaking in the red and white-checkered ceiling. This kitchen may take you by surprise with its primary blue and red coloring but the home and hearth appeal grows on you with the tied pattern valances and Americana plate collection.


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