Monday, October 29, 2012

Metal Wall Art That Adding a Modern Touch To Your Home

Here you can find some cool collection of images that reflect today’s top metal art trends. Go simple and modern, go with letter-inspired selections, or go vintage. Just a few ideas for you to ponder.

Modern Geometric Metal Wall Art. The purity of geometric forms and basic shapes can be just what your interior needs. Plus, metal is unexpected. In a design culture where geometry lives on pillows, rugs and sofa fabric.

Letter-Themed Metal Wall Art.
Metal letters are all the rage, with designers using individual pieces to spell words, often combining different styles and sizes for eclectic flair. However, the piece below is cohesive in its modern style and stencil-like effect.
Vintage Metal Wall Art.
Vintage metal wall art has made a huge comeback, thanks in part to an ever-growing obsession with Mid-Century modern design. In these retro pieces, squares, lines and circles are clustered in geometrically pleasing arrangements as intricate as they are refreshingly simple. Below we see Mid-Century Vintage Metal Wall Art from The Old Cinema London, brilliant in silver- and gold-toned hues.


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