Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Decorate Your Wall With a Old Maps

There are all sorts of odd and zany things you can use to decorate your home that eventually become such an integrated part of your décor you may wonder why you waited so long to add them in the first place. It’s the unique pieces that make a space truly feel like home.

One such concept we’ve recently noticed popping up in well decorated homes all across the world are old maps. From vintage maps to pages cut out of an old atlas, you can easily implement these pieces into any style of home décor.
Here’s how. Frame Your Old Maps The simplest and most logical way to display an old map is by framing it as a picture. There are two benefits to this. Firstly, you can hang the piece anywhere in your home and select a frame that matches the existing décor of the chosen room. Secondly, you can protect the piece from wear and tear from dust and fingerprints.
Old Maps Wallpaper Although you may not be able to gather up enough matching vintage maps to cover an entire wall, you can fake it with vintage-look map wall paper. However, because this is such a dramatic look, you may want to limit the wallpaper to just one accent wall.
Maps Decoupage One of the best ways to use old maps for home decor is through the decoupage method. This technique allows you to cover entire pieces of furniture – or really any hard surface – with bits and pieces of decorative paper. Use old maps to decorate glass jars, candle holders, table tops, side tables, desks, bookshelves, headboards and more. Any ordinary object can quickly become your new favorite conversation piece when covered in an old map.
The best part about maps is that they are available almost anywhere from consignment shops to convenience stores for a very small price. Stock up on old maps and create a more well traveled home.


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